We chat to mama of two, Fran Highfield

Going from one to two kids can often be a more daunting and overwhelming experience that having your first child. Specially, if there's a small gap between your children and you don't have enough support around you.

We chat to Fran Highfield @throughrosecolouredglasses, mum to Bowie and baby Bloom about her recent personal experience and she shares with us some wise tips on how to help with the transition.

What’s the age difference between Bowie and Bloom?

They have 2 years and 8 months between them.

How has the transition been for your family going from one to two children?

It’s been harder to adjust from one to two than zero to one. Juggling the two is a little tricky, especially after Luke went back to work. I feel like our house has gotten a whole lot more chaotic, but fun at the same time!

Antipoda Co Mother of two

How has Bowie received his little sister? Any tips making this transition easier for the little ones?

He wasn’t very fussed about her to begin with and ignored her a lot, but we did notice he got jealous and became more emotional and clingy to us than usual, which broke our hearts a little. But 6 weeks on, he’s starting to be really sweet with her and definitely much more his usual happy self.

I find Mum making time for them, not just Dad focusing on toddler / Mum focusing on newborn, helps. We tried that at first and he struggled so we decided to switch things up. Once Bloom was fed I would get Luke to settle her in the evenings so I could help Bowie with his bath and bed routine, and noticed it was much better since he was able to spend time with me and didn’t miss me as much.

Also including him where possible to help, like asking him to pass the nappies or wipes or rock her, and explaining that Mummy is busier now that I have to look after baby Bloom, but remember Mummy will always make time for you where I can.

How do you find time for yourself, to rest and heal from postpartum?

This one has been the hardest, to be honest! I definitely have less time. Luke took a month off work and in that time we got sick with so many winter bugs that we didn’t get a lot of time to rest in the way I thought we would.

Once both children are down for the night that’s generally when I get a moment to relax. But having extra help is so important. We have great support from my in laws and they take Bowie where they can, so I can get a rest from both kids on those days, as soon as Bloom is down I have a sleep too!

Antipoda Co Newborn

Tell us your experience being solo with the two at home vs adventuring out!

I ventured out with the two of them on my first day alone with them and it may have been a fluke but it was a total success. Today I had one of those trickier days. But I think staying at home is usually a bit easier because, if I get desperate, I can always put a movie or show on to keep Bowie happy, and he is Lego obsessed, so can stay at home building happily whilst I tend to Bloom.

What are your tips for your first outing with your newborn?

I would say use a carrier! I have a double pram and took it but found it was easier to have the newborn in the carrier. And pack lots of supplies in a good nappy bag so you are well prepared for anything.

We believe OiOi nappy bags are the perfect accessory to make those outings easier. How is Oi Oi Nappy bag convenient for you?

I love the Oi Oi nappy bag we have, it’s got lots of sections and pockets for both kids' items. It’s really stylish and easy to access everything! I pack spare outfits, nappies, wipes, drink bottle, snacks, device… anything should an emergency or meltdown require it!

How has the Charlie Crane Levo Rocker been convenient for you while at home?

We absolutely adore our Charlie Crane rocker, it’s so stunning and fits in our beautiful nursery so well, and is gorgeous for capturing beautiful photos of Bloom. It’s also really light and easy to move it from room to room so we can use it in different parts of the house where it suits. I usually put her in it when I have a shower of a morning, or to do the laundry. I also love that we can safely ask Bowie to help rock her when we are busy as she is nice and secure in the rocker with the harness, and he loves helping out.

Newborn baby on Charlie Crane Levo rocker

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