The Charlie Crane Levo Rocker

The Charlie Crane Levo rocker can't help but catch your eye. It's elegant design and cosy seat are just the beginning when it comes to why we love it so. Here's a bit more about why we think it is the bees-knees of baby rockers.

Newborn baby in the Charlie Crane Levo Rocker in Mimosa, with a Garbo&Friends muslin

Levo Rocker for Newborns

Newborn babies feel so very fragile, every movement you make with them is soft and gentle. It's hard to imagine a cosier place for them than in your arms but sometimes it's nice to be able to put them down. Charlie Crane's Levo rocker is the perfect place for this. Suitable from birth, the rocker cushion creates a cosy nest to safely hold your newborn baby. The padded harness ensures they are secure and the gentle rocking motion helps them feel soothed.

Coming Soon! The Charlie Crane Levo Rocker Activity Arch

Coming Soon! This beautiful wooden activity arch attaches to the Levo Rocker - a great addition to stimulate your baby's senses.

Rocking Chair for Children

New style Levo cushions have a removable harness which means the rocker can be turned into a rocking chair as your baby grows up. We love that the rocker can continue to be enjoyed by a child (up to 5 years) as a comfortable place to relax.

New Levo Rocker, Fawn Walnut, with and without harness

Above the New Levo Rocker Walnut in Fawn with harness (L) and then as a child's rocking chair with the harness removed (R).

Gentle Rocking Motion

The Levo is no bucking bronco - it has a very gentle back and forth motion (ideal, we have found, when there is an enthusiastic sibling on the scene).

Baby in a Charlie Crane Rocker surrounded by siblings

The rocker follows the baby's natural movements but can also be easily rocked by a parent - with your big toe from the sofa works well ;)

Quality Design

Created by French designers, Erick Demeyer and Steven Leprizé, the Levo rocker combines traditional technical excellence with multiple foreign influences, in particular the Scandinavian design of the 1950s and 1960s.

Charlie Crane Rocker in Beech with Aruba Blue Cushion

The contemporary design of the rocker and high standard of craftsmanship give the Levo an heirloom quality that can be used and passed on over the years.

Levo Rocker Fabrics

The Levo Rocker cushion comes in a beautiful range of gender-neutral fabrics, all 100% cotton and wonderfully soft.

Levo Rocker Fabrics, L-R: Organic White, Sweet Grey, Aruba Blue

 Above, we have the plain fabric cushions, from left to right; Organic White, Sweet Grey and Aruba Blue. And below, the patterned range; Mimosa (by Garbo&Friends), Fawn (by Rose in April) and Jaguar (by Le Petit Lucas du Tertre).

Levo Rocker Fabrics, L-R: Mimosa, Fawn and Jaguar

The machine-washable cushion is easy to remove and you can buy a spare so you have one on hand at all times - this is also handy when you can't decide which fabric option to go for, hmmm - patterned or plain? Both!

Alongside the colour-ways above we also have limited stock in striking Hibiscus and Terrazzo patterns. You can see our full range here.

Sustainable Wooden Rocker

The rocker's wooden frame comes in light beech or dark walnut helping it suit a broad range of home decor. The wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe and preserved with a water-based mat varnish making it easy to wipe clean.

Charlie Crane Rocker in Beech (L) and Walnut (R)

Lightweight and Easy to Assemble

Weighing in at 3.6kg, the Levo rocker is surprisingly lightweight given its sturdy frame, making it simple to move from room-to-room as needed.

Boxed Levo Rocker by Charlie Crane

It arrives well boxed with instructions and the necessary Allen key ready for easy home assembly. Once assembled, the dimensions of the Levo rocker are pretty compact at H38 x L70 x W45cm.

The Charlie Crane Levo Rocker

In summary, the Charlie Crane Levo rocker is a practical piece of children's furniture that you will be proud to display in your home. It's the perfect place for your newborn to safely relax while freeing you up to do as you need, with your little one by your side.

Levo Rocker in a Neutral Decor Nursery

You can shop our Levo Rocker range here. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions via email or in the comments below. And if you are wondering - Do I need a baby rocker? - our next blog post will explain why we think it's a newborn essential.

Images by Charlie Crane, Fran Jorgensen and Hunting Louise.