Sustainable Stocking Fillers for all ages

Sustainable stocking fillers that are more fun than a Christmas orange?! We've got you covered! Our 2021 Christmas stocking gift guide includes products from our own brands as well as other Australian businesses (not sponsored!).

We've broken down our small gifts into three stockings, the Babes 0-2 years, the Littlies 3-6 years and the Big Kids 6-12 years. We'd love to hear your sustainable stocking filler ideas too so please drop us a comment below.

Sustainable stocking fillers for the Babes

Let's be honest, they'd probably love an orange. Or an empty cardboard box. But we reckon they'll love these gorgeous bits too.

Sustainable Stocking Fillers for Babies

1. Where's Mr Polar Bear? Babes will have fun finding him and other Arctic animals in this festive lift-the-flap board book. Illustrated by Ingela P Arrhenius. Where's Mr Polar Bear? from Matilda Bookshop, $12.99 AUD

2. An essential oil wellness roller that can be rubbed into your babe's feet and spine to help restore energy flow throughout their body during those sleepless nights (and days!). Peaceful Possum - Magic Sleep Potion by Courtney and the Babes $30 AUD

3. These sweet bunny slippers from Garbo&Friends are made from cotton towelling with an anti-slip sole - great for post bath cosy toes around the house. Available in 3 colours; Cinnamon (shown), Thyme and Sand. Bath Slippers by Garbo&Friends $44.90 AUD

4. Bottoms up! The ideal starter cup for babes to join in with a festive toast this Christmas. This biodegradable sippy cup from Love Mae is made from 100% plant-based ingredients with no hidden nasties - cheers to that! Sippy Cup Australiana by Love Mae $15 AUD

5. How pretty is this Susukoshi organically dyed cotton headband?! 5% elastane gives a stretchy fit suitable for babes from 0-3 years. Other great baby stocking accessories from this brand include bibs, knotted hats and socks. Pale Lilac Headband by Susukoshi $14.95 AUD

6. My Wooden World Forest by Londji is an adorable set of wooden creatures for babes from 2 years and up. Inside the box the characters are stored in a handy cotton bag which will fit perfectly into a babes stocking. Coming Soon! My Wooden World Forest by Londji $61.95 AUD

Sustainable stocking fillers for the Littlies

What time will these guys start the day?! Hopefully an intriguing stocking will keep them quiet while you wake up gently on Christmas morning (ho ho ho!).

Sustainable Stocking Fillers for Toddlers

1. A beautifully illustrated families card game for ages 3 and up. Collect all the members of the same species to win and then shout Ki-Ki-Ri-Ki! The thoughtfully designed box and draw-string bag make it the perfect mini gift. Box Size 11 x 14 x 3cm. Ki-Ki-Ri-Ki Card Game by Londji $26.50 AUD

2. 365 ways to celebrate every day! This cute little book is packed full of simple ideas, mindful practices and fun facts which all bring some extra joy to the table. I love the illustrations by Annelies Draws, with words by Joanne Ruelos Diaz. The Little Book of Joy $29.99 AUD

3. I had forgotten how much fun a simple spinning top could be - they have kept my whole family entertained for ages! Sufi Spinning Tops by Londji

4. Fun in its simplest form with these Optical Toys by Londji. Check out the Forest Kaleidoscopes and playful "Big Eye" magnifying glasses. $10.50-21.50 AUD

5. For the littlies these delish and 100% natural Franjos Kitchen Kinder biscuits will satisfy their bellies and the packaging can be made into a little paper character, too cute! $8.35 AUD

Sustainable stocking fillers for the Big Kids

As our kids get older they usually have a pretty clear idea of what they want for Christmas, maybe some unexpected gifts in their stockings will leave them pleasantly surprised.

Sustainable Stocking Fillers for Big Kids

1. Never has there a been a more stylish way to learn to tell the time! I love the sunny vibes of the Mini Kyomo Chiringuito collection. Mini Kyomo Watches $114-134 AUD

2. For puzzle lovers our favourite Londji puzzles and games now in miniature. The perfect stocking fillers for kids and adults alike. Londji Micro Puzzles and Games $13.95-14.95 AUD

3. For delicious lips this Christmas try Dearest Lips 100% Natural Chocolate Lip Balm. For an extra element of fun the compostable casing can be decorated by your little artists. Dearest Lips Kids Lip Balm $12.95-$14.95 AUD

4. Sneak in a bit of educational fun with this cool card game which uses simple addition and strategy while building a beautiful town - the player with the most houses wins. Londji Home Sweet Home Game $33.50 AUD

5. Also from Mini Kyomo, these cute pencil cases, made from recycled materials, make a great home for new stationary or some yummy Christmas treats. Mini Kyomo Pencil Cases $29.95 AUD

6. Weaving established mythology with original storytelling, these epic earth tales tell of courage, friendship, and persistence, and explore our finely balanced relationship with Planet Earth. Twelve stories written by Vita Murrow and illustrated by Aitch. Book Size 27.8 x 21.8cm. Once Upon Our Planet $34.99 AUD

We hope you've found some inspiration with our sustainable stocking fillers. Let us know below what you'll be stocking up on ;)

Cover image by Katie Oh.