Sustainable Stocking Fillers for all ages

Antipoda Co Christmas Stockings

Sustainable stocking fillers that are more fun than a Christmas orange?! We've got you covered! Our Christmas stocking gift guide includes products from our own brands as well as Australian businesses we love (not sponsored!).

We've broken down our small gifts into three stockings, the Babes 0-2 years, the Littlies 3-6 years and the Big Kids 6-12 years. We'd love to hear your sustainable stocking filler ideas too so please drop us a comment below.

Sustainable stocking fillers for the Babes

Let's be honest, they'd probably love an orange. Or an empty cardboard box. But we reckon they'll love these gorgeous bits too.

Sustainable Stocking Fillers for the Babes

1. Sustainable thinking with aesthetic design, this small (10cm) ball has a slight bounce which will entertain the older end of the group and a soft, easy-to-grip natural rubber shell perfect for the youngest of babes. Hevea Star Ball from Nature Baby $24.95 AUD

2. Baby bookworms will enjoy this folding board book that can be laid out for the perfect tummy-time read. It is also sturdy enough to be "read" by a toddler. Illustrated with gorgeous colours and high-contrast patterns by Tove Jansson Moomin Baby: Words from The Little Bookroom $14.99 AUD

3. An essential oil wellness roller that can be rubbed into your babe's feet and spine to help restore energy flow throughout their body during those sleepless nights (and days!). Peaceful Possum - Magic Sleep Potion by Courtney and the Babes $30 AUD

4. This natural non toxic willow rattle is great for little hands, it is lightweight and houses a small bell for that festive jingle. Willow Rattle from Nature Baby $26.95 AUD

5. A tasty, organic and sustainably farmed treat for the babes in the form of an Apple & Watermelon fruit pouch. Australian Organic Food Co Fruit Puree from Aus Pantry $3 AUD

Sustainable stocking fillers for the Littlies

What time will these guys start the day?! Hopefully an intriguing stocking will keep them quiet while you wake up gently on Christmas morning (ho ho ho!).

Sustainable Stocking Fillers for 3-6 year olds

1. Stocking size dependent (24cm!) we love this beautifully illustrated, curious and soothing read where everything is half. Carson Ellis' In the Half Room from The Little Bookroom $27.99 AUD 

2. Learn History while having fun with this beautifully illustrated families card game. The thoughtfully designed box and draw-string bag make it the perfect mini gift to unwrap. Sapiens by Londji $26.50 AUD

3. For the littlies these delish and 100% natural Franjos Kitchen Kinder biscuits will satisfy their bellies and the packaging can be made into a little paper character, too cute! $7.95 AUD

4. Fun in its simplest form with these Optical Toys by Londji. Check out the Unicorn Kaleidoscopes and playful "Big Eye" magnifying glasses. $10.50-21.50 AUD

5. These easy to grow dianthus, cosmos, cornflower and alyssum seeds will bloom to attract bees, butterflies and beneficial bugs whilst keeping little green fingered kids busy sowing, watering and watching. Bug Wonderland Seeds by Sow 'n Sow $9.95 AUD

Sustainable stocking fillers for the Big Kids

As our kids get older they usually have a pretty clear idea of what they want for Christmas, maybe some unexpected gifts in their stockings will leave them pleasantly surprised.

Sustainable Stocking Fillers for Big Kids

1. Try your hand at mastering animals and foods in five languages with these fun Micro Dictionary Games. And for puzzle lovers our favourite Londji puzzles now in miniature. The perfect stocking fillers for kids and adults alike. Londji Micro Puzzles and Games $13.95-14.95 AUD

2. This natural nude-finish lip balm will keep the whole family's lips healthy and soft. Coconut and Shea Butter Lip Balm 15ml from Frankly Eco. $14.99 AUD or a two pack is available for $20 AUD, perfect for siblings.

3. Never has there a been a more stylish way to learn to tell the time! Retro colours in the Friendship collection or seashore inspired palettes in the La Mer collection. Mini Kyomo Watches $114-134 AUD

4. Absolute nostalgia with this cute little flower press. We've been taping pressed flowers up to the windows and marvelling in the detail of the petals as the light shines through. Highly recommend! Mini Fern Flower Press by Sow 'n Sow $45 AUD

5. Christmas reading! Older readers will be absorbed by this fantastical adventure by Ross Montgomery - The Midnight Guardians from The Little Bookroom $18.99 AUD

We hope you've found some inspiration with our sustainable stocking fillers. And we were only kidding about oranges, they can be fun too ;)