Stylish Kids Watches - A Short Story

Their adventure took them through the Americas.

Mini Kyomo family snapshot, Hawaii


Mini Kyomo family snapshot, Mexico

Mini Kyomo family snapshot, Colombia

And it is just there on that long road leading down to the beach in Palomino, Colombia that Isabelle had a sudden visualisation - four cute children's watches!

Mini Kyomo family snapshot, Peru

Isabelle kept thinking about those watches. Strolling the streets of Cusco, Peru, she asked the universe to send her a sign - should she make stylish kids watches?!

Watch Seller, Peru

The universe said YES! Five minutes later she came across this street vendor selling watches surrounded by kids waiting to buy them.

Designed on an adventure

From a tropical terrace in Costa Rica Isabelle set to work designing four children's watches - what would be the first Mini Kyomo collection.

Mini Kyomo's founder Isabelle in Costa Rica

The watches would have easy to read faces for learning to tell the time, washable straps for the muckiest of littlies and a mix and match palette with pops of colour and muted tones.

They wouldn't just look the part, they would be made with sustainable materials, equipped with a shock-resistant Japanese movement, robust mineral glass and be waterproof too.

In early 2020 the family were in India, where the first samples of the Mini Kyomo Friendship collection arrived.

Mini Kyomo family snapshot, India

Isabelle flew to France just in time for the brand to make its first appearance at Playtime Paris. After a successful show the family decided to return to Europe and soon moved back to Spain.

Mini Kyomo at Playtime Paris

And then...


...the factory producing the watches had to close. Stock was delayed by two months.

Stylish Kids Watches

But it did arrive! And at Antipoda Co we were instantly in love. We knew we had to bring Mini Kyomo watches to Australia, so of course we placed an order.

Thankfully the pandemic hasn't stopped this great little brand expanding. They have recently launched a new seashore inspired collection, La Mer.

Stylish Kids Watches in Australia

And that is the cute story of how a small need turned into an idea, into a plan, into a product and into our hands last week at Antipoda Co.

You can shop both the Friendship and the La Mer collections here