Styling Tips

This Mothers' Day we asked some of our collaborator mums for their home styling hints and tips. We've compiled their advice and images below. Prepare to be inspired! Thank you to all who participated. We love your tips and seeing how you have styled Antipoda Co brands into your beautiful homes.

Jo @ourgoldenhourdays

Over the years I've come to develop a simple pathway to styling that creates the mood I'm after in our home. For me personally my goal is to create a comfortable, calming space because our home is loud and busy. My hopes is that my styling choices will give our home a sense of balance and calm. With this goal in mind my first step when styling my favourite spaces is always to declutter. As a mother of four it's easy to accumulate accessories, books, decor, toys etc. So I take a good look around and store away things that we don't use daily and we donate, giveaway and sell items we don't use regularly enough for it to hold value in our home. I like to focus on having one or two points of interest in a room rather than many, this leads me to invest in just a few special pieces.

 A room that is minimally furnished can be warmed up by concentrating on textures and tones. A duvet, layered with a throw and cushions can be just what a minimally styled room needs to create warmth and comfort. One of the most under emphasised aspects to styling is simply selecting the right size duvet cover and pillowcases because this can be the difference between a luxurious outcome and a daggy outcome.

First rule of thumb is to  size up on your duvet insert to ensure there is plenty of cover for both sides of the bed, for example, if you have a queen size bed, opt for a king duvet. Measure your duvet insert and make sure it is several inches longer than the cover, this helps create a more plush look once the duvet is inside the cover.

Lastly my favourite styling tip is never under estimate creating drama using lighting. Whether it be a beautiful lamp, ceiling mount light or pendant, a beautiful light can be a stunning design element that draws the eyes upward into the negative space.

Brook @brooklynashlee

Holiday's bedroom is definitely my favourite space in the house. Styling a child's bedroom to be personable to them and still stylish to the adult eye is my favourite challenge.

Storage is key! Kids have a lot of stuff! some of that stuff is, to put it plainly; ugly, haha. So having a set of draws or a big basket for you to chuck all of their mess into and create a tidy, appealing space again quickly is my number 1 tip!

Fill the walls, not the floor. There's usually not a lot of space in a kids bedroom so if you want to add to the room, I'd suggest paint a picture or hang a shelf over adding another thing on the floor to trip over.

The bed is the centre of any bedroom. A cute bed frame and some sweet sheets make the whole space. My personal tip for picking sheets is don't be afraid of texture on texture! It adds warmth and originality. Holiday isn't exactly a pink-princess type but she does love her garden so the gentle florals in Folia and Blueberry combo by Garbo & Friends was the perfect bedding for us.

Tania @antipoda_co

In styling a functional home, you can achieve spaces that are both inviting for adults and enjoyable for children. Utilising children's colourful toys injects vibrancy and fun and also ensures that little ones feel included in the living spaces.

I love to incorporate textiles adorned with nature prints from Garbo&Friends to seamlessly bring the outdoors inside, fostering a sense of tranquility and connection with nature within the house.

For me it's important to prioritise functionality over aesthetics, to ensure that each room caters to the needs of both adults and children. Opting for low-maintenance textiles and furniture can simplify life even further. Choosing muslin fabrics, for example, not only adds a touch of warmth but also eliminates the need for ironing. By selecting bed prints that effortlessly complement each other, you foster versatility and ease in bedding arrangements. Incorporating washable rugs ensures practicality and easy cleaning, maintaining a fresh and tidy space for both play and relaxation. And lastly, investing in high-quality designer furniture that evolves with the child and adapts to their changing needs, such as the Charlie Crane Tobo highchair, you can ensure both long-lasting functionality and style in the home.

Anita @hippppieatheart

I have such a mix of style & I am lover of vintage as well as Scandi ❤️  When styling my kids rooms I always source vintage or second hand furniture & decor. I love giving old things a new life.

I also love to use gender neutral colours so they can be shared between my son & daughter. I also try to go as minimal as I can in kids rooms as I find clutter so overwhelming. Some of my favourite brands are Maileg, Garbo&Friends, New grain & Jamie kay.

Monique @_wlder_

My kids' rooms are a place for snuggly cuddles, bed-time stories and rest. A place to reset at the end of a busy day. Our home follows minimalist ideals with neutral tones, but I wanted my children's bedrooms to have a touch of whimsy and magic about them and to be a little bit playful.
It is also important to me to have low-tox toys and organic fabrics from responsible brands that are made to last. I dream of my babies passing these toys onto their own babies one day. We also have beautiful Garbo&Friends muslin quilts for each child from birth that I want to be childhood family heirlooms that hold cherished memories for generations to come.