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Stories from Motherhood

For Mothers' Day, we asked our colleagues and the women behind our brands to share with us their short stories about motherhood.

Ingrid Valls works in Graphic Design and Communication at Londji.


On the way to the market we passed through a park. With my bag in hand, I was setting the pace ahead. There was no time to lose, we had a weekend full of activities in sight and we could not forget the shopping of the week. I turned to see if Teo was following me. He was way behind and had stopped. I saw him crouched, observing something in the grass.

I retraced my steps and crouched next to him asking him what he was doing, we were in a hurry!

"Look Mum! So many paratroopers are going to visit the ants!" Around him, dozens of seeds flying and a dandelion stalk in his hands.

It is here, in this moment full of fantasy, where magic appears, where time stops and a connection with your inner child is illuminated. A trip to your own childhood. Those moments when your child repeats something that you yourself have lived and almost completely forgotten.

The rush is pushed aside and the simplest things take on another dimension. How important it is to stop and observe, to unleash your imagination!

Before becoming a mother, you think about everything you can give to your children, your generosity as a person, your experiences, your values... And in moments like these you realise everything that your children can teach you.

Ingrid Valls, Londji

Ingrid's son Teo blowing seeds from a dandelion seed head
Pictured above, Ingrid's son Teo blows "paratroopers" from a dandelion seed head


Fun and imagination are at the heart of the Londji brand. They continue to surprise us with the toys and games they develop, seeing the world through children's eyes and designing beautiful products that bring us together as a family.

We asked Ingrid what it is like working at Londji and she said, "Active, entertaining, varied, pretty, fun, diligent, thoughtful, pleasant, respectful, imaginative… these are some of the adjectives that I would use to define a typical day at Londji." Check out the awesome Londji Instagram page to see their products in action!

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Cover image credit Nine Koepfer