Raising Little Allies-To-Be


I am an ally - easy to write that. Easy to say it. Even easier to re-post it. So does that make us allies? Of course we believe we are anti-racist and socially aware but we are digging deeper - asking ourselves, what are our hidden biases, where are they from? How do we unlearn them and how do we ensure that, as privileged white people, we do not pass them onto our children? We need to continually be willing to educate ourselves, challenge our prejudices and learn how we can take action to be strong allies to Black and Indigenous people.

Excerpt from Raising Little Allies-To-Be © Lucy Song

Starting at home, we have been actively discussing the Black Lives Matter movement with our little ones. Here we share with you a guide we have found brilliant for talking with them about race. Raising Little Allies-To-Be by Lucy Song of wander + wonder "An Incomplete Guide".

Black Lives Matter, Educational Resource

The PDF contains great linked information; recommended reading, books, videos and projects as well as simple activities we can present to our children to help spark conversations about race, diversity, inclusivity and privilege.

Activity for infants from the guide by Lucy Song, Raising Allies-To-Be

The activities can be adapted to suit different age young children. We found it great for simultaneously keeping the interest of a 3 and a 6 year old.

Excerpt from Raising Little Allies-To-Be © Lucy Song

Excerpt from Raising Little Allies-To-Be © Lucy Song

Illustration and worksheets © Lucy Song.
Link to Lucy's instant download of the PDF guide here

An activity from Raising Little Allies-To-Be by Lucy Song

Instagram has been a great source of educational and thought provoking information for us over these past weeks. Please feel free to share any resources you have found useful in the comments below.