Quarantine Challenge Catch-up

Antipoda Co's Isolation Inspiration

Catch-up with the Antipoda Co Quarantine Challenge. Our suggestions for fun and interesting activities to keep you and your family entertained during these isolation days. Find days 1-15 of the challenge below. And remember to tag us on social media @antipoda_co. We can't wait to see what you guys get up to!

Antipoda Co Letter S

Quarantine Challenge #1

Name all the things you find in your house that start with the letter S.

Antipoda Co Robot

Quarantine Challenge #2

Make a robot with materials that you find in your house. Let your imagination go wild!

Antipoda Co Dress Up

Quarantine Challenge #3

Dress up as your favourite artist.

Antipoda Co Relax!

Quarantine Challenge #4

It's Saturday so we challenge you to nothing but eating, sleeping, feeding your kids and enjoying yourselves!

Antipoda Co Write a Poem

Quarantine Challenge #5

Write a poem about confinement.

Quarantine Challenge #6

Make a puppet with materials you find at home or in the garden.

Antipoda Co Dyed Eggs

Quarantine Challenge #7

Give Easter a homemade touch with natural dyed eggs.

Antipoda Co Easter Recipe

Quarantine Challenge #8

Make this yummy Easter recipe from @babyccinokids.

Antipoda Co Levo Rocker

Quarantine Challenge #9

Happy Easter! Eat as much chocolate as you can!
Shop our Easter Bunny's Levo Rocker here.

Quarantine Challenge #10

Make a paper crane.

Antipoda Co Toilet Paper Maze

Quarantine Challenge #11

Build a maze with toilet paper rolls.

Antipoda Co Paper House

Quarantine Challenge #12

Make a paper house.

Antipoda Co Portrait

Quarantine Challenge #13

Paint a self portrait.

Antipoda Co Laser Tag 

Quarantine Challenge #14

Have a corridor laser tag competition.

Antipoda Co Mask

Quarantine Challenge #15

Make yourself an animal mask.

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