Mother's Day

At Antipoda Co we believe Mother's Day should be celebrated every single day, because being a mum is simply the most challenging, yet rewarding thing we've ever had to deal with. Us mums are, without doubt, incredible humans with superpowers!

Here Fran and I, the two mums behind Antipoda Co, talk about our journeys through Motherhood. We hope you enjoy the read and wish you a very slow and relaxing day being spoiled as you deserve.


Mum to Byron (5), Mia (3) and Marlow (almost 1)

Tania and family, Antipoda Co

Tell us something that has surprised you about being a mother.

I’ve surprised myself so much since becoming a mother that I don’t even know where to start. I had thought so much about it before we even started trying, I thought I knew how I was going to sleep train my babies to sleep through the night from the 2nd month, educate them to be the best behaved kids that talk nicely and never fight, prepare them to be good vegetable eaters, etc. etc. Now I’m a mum of three that would sleep with all of them if they fitted in my bed, (luckily only the baby fits). When they fight, cry or scream I’ve learned to be a lot more tolerant with all those emotions that I thought I would be, and I’m not that obsessed with what and how much they eat, I’ve had to let go since my first two were so picky with their food...

So basically, I’m in a constant state of surprise! 

How would your children would describe you? 

'Mum you are so beautiful, loving and caring.'

- Byron, 5 years old (when he wants to get something out of me)

'You are my favourite mum if you play horsies with me, can you play now?'

- Mia 3 years old

What worries did you have when you became a mum?

I honestly worried about everything, I worried about not having enough milk, about him drinking too much, not breathing, having colic, not sleeping enough, sleeping too long... the first few months were just a real worry. Luckily, I’ve had two more and I’ve been able to enjoy those incredible first months, being a lot more relaxed and just guiding myself by my instinct, not caring about what others think or do, not listening to anyone’s opinions and not worrying about people’s judgements.

Tania and family, Antipoda Co

Tell us something that has made your life easier since becoming a mum.

The Charlie Crane Levo Rocker! Of course, haha :)

I didn't have it with my first two, and it was such a blessing with my third one. He loved resting in it during the day and watching from it his older siblings play. We constantly moved it to every room in the house, from the kitchen, to the living room, bathroom, backyard...

What’s a special memory you recall from your first days as a mum?

I remember the moment everyone left us alone for the first time, he was sleeping in the hospital bassinet near my bed, I turned my head to look at him and he was sleeping, I looked away and then looked back again and his big eyes where wide open looking at me. It gave me a little fright and it also made me realise I was never going to be alone again.

Which other mums inspire you?

We’ve lived in Barcelona for the past 4 years, and all the mums I’ve met in our little community have been an incredible source of inspiration. When I had my first son we were living in Melbourne, again surrounded by the best mums from our mothers' group and best friends we could ask for. Community is everything.

Any advice for other mums?

My advice is to look after yourself and listen to your needs in front of everyone else's. If you are well, then they will be well. Be kind to yourself, without judgments. Just do what works for you and reach out for help when you need it.



Mum to Camilla (10) and Annabel (12)

Fran and family, Antipoda Co

Tell us something that has surprised you about being a mother.

Being a parent made me shift my perspective in life. I used to always plan my next 5 or 10 years, fill my diaries with yearly and monthly goals. As a new parent, a good day was the one when I had a set of clean clothes on and I managed to have a shower. I went from planning ahead to focusing on my every day and always looking for beauty in the small moments while I try to hold on to them a little longer.

How would your children describe you?

'My mom is the one that steals the cookies and the one to make sure that you wake up early, she can be bossy but I know she loves me.'

Camilla 10 years old 

What worries did you have when you became a mum?

I must admit I had a lot of apprehension coming back home with my bub. I think my biggest fear was not knowing why she was crying. I channeled all my energy in the first few days on our bonding, and then coming home, I thought I would let go of my anxiety and listen to my gut ... it all ended up working out, and somehow I managed to decipher when she was tired or hungry ... so I guess my biggest take away on this has to be to always trust your self and listen to your own gut.Fran and family, Antipoda Co

Tell us something that has made your life easier since becoming a mum.

Having the phone number of my local butcher and Veggie shop. I always try to support small local businesses, and I am always running around picking up kids from school and sport. One day out of the blue I asked my butcher if I could text him my order and have it ready for me to just pay and load my car, he was more than happy to do this and form then on, I just text him my order and I get my meat and veg done in 15 minutes! I feel like a formula one driver but it has been the best way for me to support local businesses while busy!

What’s a special memory you recall from your first days as a mum?

The first time I heard my baby cry. I still remember this moment vividly! The moment felt absolutely surreal, the realisation that there was a before and after in my life and this was the starting point of my journey as a mum. Twelve years later and I am still trying to figure out what I am doing!

Which other mums inspire you?

I get my daily inspiration from Dawn at @handmadelove I love the way she teaches art, there is something mesmerising about seeing someone else draws and I just love her style and all the craft she does!

Any advice for other mums?

My biggest advice would be to learn to trust yourself, yes you will probably have a few hiccups here and there but only YOU know those kids in and out, so ultimately and above all trust yourself.