Londji Games & Toys

Introducing Londji

For a few months now you will have seen this brand popping up on our site and social feeds. So, who are they? What do they do? Without further ado, let us introduce you to Londji!

Londji Cluck Cluck the Fox Game

What do Londji do?

They make awesome toys and games for kids of all ages! Their motto is

Original toys for kids from 3 to 103 years old.

You'll find Londji wooden toys, spectacular puzzles, card games, original board games, temporary tattoos, activity books, puppets, magnets - all with a magic Londji twist. We especially love their puzzles, we'll dedicate a whole post to these soon!

Londji I Love My Colours Puzzles

What sets Londji toys and games apart?

It's a special combination! Their toys and games bring together beautiful artwork, innovative ideas and sustainable design. The range is wholesome but not to the detriment of fun and intrigue. Londji cleverly appeals to all ages, encouraging us to enjoy the somewhat lost art of playing together, adults and children.

Londji BAM Create Your Animals Wooden Stamps

Where is Londji from?

The name is from a small fishing community in Cameroon - Google it, it looks idyllic!

Londji products, however, are designed and manufactured in Spain. A team in Barcelona design the toys and games which are produced in nearby Banyoles. 

Londji say, "we cook our toys at low heat, with great care and using the best materials, respecting the working conditions, generating wealth in our environment, and being respectful with our planet."

Londji Discover the World Look & Find Puzzle

Are Londji toys and games available in Australia?

Yes! Retailers are now able to login and place wholesale orders. And the fun puzzles and games are available for consumers to buy online here. We'll keep you posted with new ranges via our newsletter (sign up at the bottom of the page if you haven't already!).

Londji Temporary Tattoos

So there we have it, Londji in a nutshell. We'll leave you today with a summary of the brand, described perfectly in their joyful principles.

The 10 Principles by Londji

Imagination at its best

We claim the right to be kids regardless of our age

Playing is the best way to learn

We give toys the dignity they deserve

Playing is sharing your time with people you love

Toys deserve to feel beautiful too

We want to make a better World for our children

We play with everything but safety

We slow cook in Barcelona

Let's be honest as our grandparents taught us

Londji Barcelona Australian Distributor