Interview with NURIA & JONAS, Co-Funders of Cocoletes

Nuria and Jonás, parents of Eloy and Yago, bring us the most beautiful, natural, hand crafted products, filled with love and magic, from their workshop in Navaleno, a small town located in Soria, surrounded by the largest forest in Spain.

At Cocoletes, play, design and sustainability go hand in hand. In a traditional way, with their hands as the main tool, they create wooden toys that are respectful to the planet and all its inhabitants, especially children. 

"The Soul of the Forest in your Toys"

In their beautiful collection you will find authentic pieces of the forest, wood in its purest form, with all its aromas and nuances, with a pleasant and safe touch for the little ones. Obtained with all due respect, where all the wood used comes only from training or cleaning pruning that is carried out cyclically to keep the forest and crops in good condition.

We've had the pleasure to meet with Nuria & Jonás to talk more in depth about their brand. 

What motivated you to create this beautiful brand?

Cocoletes officially started in 2018, although the idea began to take shape a few months before, with the arrival of our first child. Games and toys of all kinds arrived with it, but we were quickly fascinated by the beauty and warmth of the wooden pieces.

Who do you have in mind when you create new products?

Our children and nephews, but also a little bit of each one of the boys and girls that surround us and inevitably leave a mark on us.

Where do you find the inspiration?

In our pine forest. In its colours, textures and aromas, in short, in everything that the forest has to offer. 

What makes your brand and products so loved?

When someone observes our work through a screen, they quickly realise that they are looking at unique pieces of great beauty, but when one of these pieces is held in their hands, it is difficult to resist the soft and warm touch of the wood and the affection that reveals the craftsmanship.

How do you balance your personal life and managing a successful leading brand?

This may be one of the most difficult tasks of our work. Design, manufacturing, marketing, social networks, etc… We prioritise and divide the tasks between the two of us as best as we can, and always try not to let them steal too much time from our family and home time, but as we’ve said earlier, it is not easy at all.

"Sustainability, love and respect for the natural environment are the fundamental pillars of Cocoletes, and that is precisely what we want to convey with our work.

How is your brand contributing towards a more sustainable + ethical future?

Sustainability, love and respect for the natural environment are the fundamental pillars of Cocoletes, and that is precisely what we want to convey with our work. We are committed to a business model in which the use and conservation of natural resources prevail over performance and productivity. We are aware that we are very small, but that does not mean we can ignore our footprint. For example, we are part of an energy cooperative that provides us with green energy from renewable sources. We also collaborate with non-profit associations that contribute to reforestation and tree planting in different parts of Spain.

Cocoletes is coming soon to Pre-order now for Pre-Christmas delivery!