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Stories from Motherhood

For Mothers' Day, we asked our colleagues and the women behind our brands to share with us their short stories about motherhood. 

New to Garbo&Friends, CEO Emmelie Johansson, made us smile with her story. It's so easy to have preconceived ideas about every aspect of being a parent, and it is always a shock when the reality is not quite what we expected!


“It can't be right, it can't be a boy!”

It was not even a question, everyone just assumed that I would have a baby girl. Even I was 98% sure that my firstborn was going to be a girl. The reason is not my love for horses, or dresses but because I had always been surrounded by very strong and powerful women. I tumbled out from the ultrasound and said to my husband “But how do I take care of a boy? I don't know anything about boys”.

Through life we face situations we have never been in before, but that is really the charm of life. To become a mother is a true journey in so many ways and such a fantastic one. Today I am a lucky mother to two boys and I can’t believe how I could question myself for being a boy mum.

No-one knows everything from day one (and will never do), but I teach them to be strong and humble human beings and they teach me how to jump on the bed, laugh every day and that life is a journey you are in together.

Emmelie Johansson, Garbo&Friends

Garbo&Friends CEO, Emmelie Johansson and her sons jumping on the bed!
Pictured above, Emmelie Johansson and her sons jumping on the bed!

After having her first baby in 2016, Lovisa Tambour discovered the beautiful and imaginative world of Garbo&Friends and loved it. Fast forward five years and now she is Sales Manager of that exact brand! We appreciate the good advice in her story, to live in the present and create memories of the everyday.


For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a mom. It's all I ever dreamt of and I am so thankful it came through. Being a mother is bliss, but also comes with its challenges…

The in-between place, living that postpartum life, was one of the hardest things for me. It’s such an overwhelming time. Baby blues kicking in, you are emotional, anxious, exhausted, overjoyed, amazed and in love, all at the same time and you just try to soak it all in, and if possible, enjoy the days.

Personally, I loved and hated this stage, but if possible, I think you should try to live in the present and enjoy the small things and create memories of everyday events as well. Mom bun, messy house and piles of laundry, it doesn’t matter. It can be magical to just sit still and watch your baby sleep among sheets, blankets and pillows. Small memories like that live on for a long time. Memories to hold on to. 'Cause even days that somehow last forever, fly by in a blur.

Lovisa Tambour, Garbo&Friends
 Lovisa's son Nils snuggled up with his bunny in Garbo&Friends bedding

Pictured above, Lovisa's son Nils sleeping peacefully.


Garbo&Friends is an all-women business, working together towards the goal of taking the business, and themselves, to new heights. Today they have 4 distributors (we're so proud to be one of them!) and over 200 retailers in more than 20 countries around the world. When we asked Lovisa about an average working day she told us "It's difficult to describe a normal workday, but what they all have in common is that they are filled with laughter and women empowering women." Cheers to that!

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