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Stories from Motherhood

For Mothers' Day, we asked our colleagues and the women behind our brands to share with us their short stories about motherhood. 

Pictured below with her daughter, is Lucille Dubos, Sales Manager at Charlie Crane. Her story reminds us that although we don't have all the answers, being present for the questions is often enough.


I remember as if it were yesterday the existential questions I used to ask myself when I was about 10 years old, at night in my bed when I couldn't sleep, "But when you die then afterwards there is nothing, but even the notion of nothing will mean nothing! How will it be?" I remember feeling anxious.

And then these questions, as you grow up, you don't ask them anymore, or maybe you try to forget them... until one day you become a mother yourself, and one evening your 10 year old daughter, at the time of "good night" and cuddles, says to you, "Mummy, what would it be like if the world did not exist? I can't imagine that!" And then, all of a sudden, you fall back into the same feeling of ignorance and anxiety that you had put aside. You are again that little 10 year old girl... only now you have to quickly find a reassuring answer for your child...

Finally, our role as mothers is to be as reassuring as possible for our child, whether we have the answers or not...

Lucille Dubos, Charlie Crane

Lucille and her daughter

Charlie Crane

Working in Business Development, it is Lucille's job to make sure you can find Charlie Crane's beautiful products anywhere you are in the world. If you can't find their products where you are, Lucille says "...I'll do my best to find the best local partner that will help me bring us to your country!"

We're delighted to be Charlie Crane's distributor and stockist for Australia and New Zealand. You can see our range of their products here.


Cover image credit Max McKinnon