Children's Room Decor

Sometimes you can search for hours on Pinterest to find children's room decor that you love, then finding the right products can take even longer.

In this blog we are going to introduce you to some new children's furniture from Charlie Crane. We've included some products that we think look great together - (shopable) children's room inspiration!

Yomi Toddler Bed + Homi Clothes Rack

Children's room styled by @jalemom featuring the Charlie Crane Yomi Bed

New in from Charlie Crane, the Yomi Toddler Bed is ideal for the transition from a cot to a full-size bed. The low height of the the wooden toddler bed is great for children from 2 to 6 years offering comfort and autonomy.

Styled above with a canopy overhead, soft rug underfoot, cosy Garbo&Friends muslin bedding and sweet storage for important treasures - we love this children's room decor for a toddler moving into their first bed.

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Children's Room Decor by Antipoda Co

Clockwise from top left:

1. Charlie Crane's Popi Shelves come in four different shaped designs; Whale, House, Cloud and Mountains. The curved beech plywood shelves are ideal to showcase your children's favourite small items.

2. Charlie Crane's Homi Rack and children's clothes hangers allow little ones to be more autonomous when it comes to selecting their clothes and getting dressed. With its solid beech wood frame and timeless shape, the minimalist design of this children's clothes rail will suit any decor. The small Homi Hangers are ideally sized for kid's clothes and little hands!

3. Garbo&Friends Cinnamon Muslin Filled Blanket can be used as a floor play mat, sofa cuddle blanket or an extra bed cover. The gender-neutral cinnamon colour muslin is soft and light whilst feeling thick and warm.

4. An ideal first bed, Charlie Crane's Yomi Toddler Bed is suitable for a 70x140cm junior mattress. A Foam Bed Bumper is also available to add to the toddler bed as an alternative to a traditional bed rail. Peace of mind for parents while the little ones feel oh-so-big in their first bed.

5. The Lorena Canals Enkang Ivory Woolable Rug plays with short and medium pile heights to outline a pattern inspired by the acacia branch fences from Masai villages. Its simple design, colour and texture combine beautifully with other children's room decor.

6. Bubbly Baskets from Lorena Canals are made from braided cotton and adorned with six fluffy pompoms around the rim. The 30cm diameter natural woven baskets are ideal for toys or books. They are available in natural (shown here), pink and blue.

Saba Children's Chair + Popi Shelf

Charlie Crane Saba Children's Chair @laralovesparisNew in this month, the Charlie Crane Saba Children's Chair is a great addition to a little one's play room. Lara has their's sitting pretty in this tranquil play space. We love the small hanging storage baskets and sweet wall decor.

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Children's Room Decor Inspiration from Antipoda Co

Clockwise from top left:

1. Charlie Crane's Popi Shelves come in four different shaped designs; Whale, House, Cloud and Mountains. The curved beech plywood shelves are ideal to showcase your children's favourite small items.

2. From birth the Tami Play Mat in Orage by Charlie Crane is a great piece of kit for your kids. Great for tummy time and learning to sit and crawl, the 1m square mat can then be used as a portable floor cushion for play - especially nice for wooden or tiled flooring.

3. Garbo&Friends Children's Robe in Thyme is coming soon to Antipoda Co! The soft, airy and absorbent Terry towelling robes are great for lazy morning play and post bath snuggles. Sign Up to keep informed of their arrival (and get a 10% discount off your first order!).

4. This natural Cotton Field Wall Hanging from Lorena Canals makes an interesting alternative to pictures for children's or nursery wall decor.

5. Lorena Canals Zoco Vintage Baskets are available in Blue (shown here) Ashrose and Black. A cross between a basket and a bag, the woven cotton baskets are great for toy sets, dollhouse accessories, magazines etc.

6. Garbo&Friends Woodlands Bed Pocket is a unique cotton storage pouch that can be tied to a cot, bed rail or wall hooks to provide small hanging pouches for toys, bottles, hair accessories - you get the idea! They are available in many of Garbo&Friends classic textile designs.

7. Charlie Crane's Saba Children's Chair is made with solid beechwood and available in both white and grey felt fabrics. It is suitable for children from 18 months to 6 years. It's minimalist design and practical portability make it the ideal children's chair for any room.

Kano Birds Mobile + Kumi Baby Bassinet

Charlie Crane Kano Birds Mobile - Children's Room Decor

For a calm and neutral children's room decor the Charlie Crane Kano Birds Mobile is dreamy! It combines beautifully with Garbo&Friends muslin floral bedding. Styled here by Mikayla the wooden swallows mobile is a beautiful focal point, sure to be enjoyed by babies, kids and parents.

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Neutral Children's Room Decor

Clockwise from top left:

1. The Lorena Canals Washable Wool Rug, Woolly Sheep Beige, makes an ideal spot for lying on the floor with your little one and as a warm rug beneath your feet for those long feeding nights. The small and cosy wool rug gives reference to the shape of a sheep hide. However unlike a hide, the rug is made in long pile wool tufted over a recycled cotton canvas base.

2. The New Charlie Crane Kano Birds Mobile brings calm to any children's room. The curved beech plywood birds move gently in the air and can be easily suspended from the Kano Rod Wall Mount, also from Charlie Crane.

3. The Lorena Canals Ivory Bowl Basket has a 30cm diameter and is made from woven cotton. It is ideal for storing lightweight products, like spare nappies and small toys. We think it also looks beautiful as a plant pot cover.

4. The iconic Kumi Cradle is a stunning centre piece for any nursery. Its minimalist lines and soft curves along with its gentle lateral swing make the most serene baby bassinet for your little one to sleep in.

5. As far as baby textiles go, Garbo&Friends Bluebell Burp Cloth Set is a practical and beautiful neutral choice. We are excited to welcome the Jersey Swallows Blanket back soon. As a light crib blanket it pairs wonderfully with the Charlie Crane Kano Birds Mobile.