What is in our Noga changing table?!

The Charlie Crane Noga Changing Table

We're super excited to have received stock of the Charlie Crane Noga Changing table. But what will we fill it with?! Of course we'll add the Pudi changing mattress but there are a few other essentials we'll be adding too.

Charlie Crane Changing Table

With so many fantastic independent Aussie brands producing products for our little ones we thought we would promote a few who share our values of sustainable production and an organic and natural way of living.

On our Charlie Crane Noga: BEING Bootie Balm
BEING Bootie Balm

Bootie Balm provides gentle protection and repair for sensitive skin, not limited to bottoms or babes! The protective beeswax balm can be used to soothe skin irritations including nappy rash, dry skin, eczema, minor cuts, insect bites and can be used to soften cradle cap flakes for removal. The name alone makes us smile, there is definitely space on our Noga Changing table for this all-rounder!

BEING is a small range of natural skincare products for women and babies. Botanical extracts and natural plant oils are blended by hand in small batches ensuring fair production practices that are kind to the environment.


On our Charlie Crane Noga: Lion + Lamb the Label Teether
Lion + Lamb the Label Ninni Rattle

Arms and legs akimbo! Keep those hands busy and out of the way of the changing action with a teething toy. We love this solid beech rattle from Lion + Lamb the Label. It's super smooth, non-toxic, naturally antibacterial and will tuck away perfectly on our Noga shelf (when it's not being uncontrollably flung around or enthusiastically gnawed on).

With many other handmade teethers and gorgeous goodies for your little ones we recommend you check out the L+L lifestyle brand.


On our Charlie Crane Noga: Eco Originals Nappies
Ecoriginals Eco Nappies

Nappies! And not just any nappies: Ecoriginals are hypo-allergenic, with no nasties, made using plant-based ingredients for softer, safer, more breathable material which biodegrades in only 6 months. What's more, they offer a home delivery subscription service, so no more last minute nappy dashes.

After being frustrated at the lack of truly eco options, the Aus family behind Ecoriginals set about developing their own brand and we're so glad they did. Soft, absorbent and eco-friendly, tick, tick, tick!


On our Charlie Crane Noga: Susukoshi Bodysuit
Susukoshi Kimono Bodysuit

These GOTS Organic cotton bodysuits are timeless classics. We love the colour range; Caramel, Pebble, Mist, Burnt Orange and more. One of each please. These lovely long-sleeved essentials will sit perfectly on our Charlie Crane changing table. It's always good to have gorgeous basics on hand at all times.

Susukoshi consciously design and produce their apparel to have minimal impact on our world while simultaneously focusing on the baby's comfort and look. Check them out here:


On our Charlie Crane Noga: Koala Eco Room Spray
Koala Eco Natural Room Spray

Let's be honest, at times, the smell that comes out of our little bundles of joy can be quite horrific. With that in mind, its nice to be able to give the room a little spritz when you're done with changing. This zesty minty room spray from Koala Eco will get everything smelling wonderful again in no time, so we'll pop a bottle on our Noga.

Like all the Koala Eco products, the room spray is biodegradable, eco-friendly and plant-based. We really like their range of non-toxic cleaning products for natural, effective cleaning.


What will you put on your Noga Changing Table?!

Well thats our top five. What will you guys have on your Charlie Crane Noga? Muslin cloths, baby wipes, cotton wool, lotions, pacifiers, toys. There's space for it all. And the magical thing about the Noga - you just fold it all away!

Charlie Crane Noga Changing Table

Charlie Crane Australia

The wait is over. You can now order your Charlie Crane Noga here! Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Product illustrations @hellosarahking