Back to School

Getting Ready for Back to School

We've quarantined, Christmas'd and holiday'd - school seems like an age ago. However, as the end of the month approaches, I'm gradually preparing the kids for back-to-school.

Mini Kyomo have us covered on the accessories with exciting backpacks, pencil cases and watches. And Londji have some great new toys, games and activities that are great for bridging the gap between beach and classroom - keeping the fun while subtly recapping some of what they learned last year.

For Practicing Addition

Home Sweet Home Maths Card Game by Londji

Home Sweet Home from Londji is a fantastic maths card game, great for practicing simple addition while playing. Up to five players are dealt cards. The numbered cards are either part of a house or a roof. Players take it in turns to lay their cards to make tall houses - the houses can only be completed with a roof that matches the value of all the numbers on that building. The aim of the game is to complete as many houses as possible. You add a cute doormat to each house you complete, these are then tallied up to determine the winner.

The sweet illustrations in this maths card game can help players calculate the sums - the number on the card correlates to the number of windows it has so a player can count windows rather than do sums in their head if that is too tricky.

We really enjoy playing this game at home. It also comes in a handy cotton bag perfect for taking on your travels.

Recommended age 7+

For Learning Languages

I Speak 6 Languages Game by Londji

Whether you want to brush up on your Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish or even Catalan, I Speak 6 Languages by Londji is a fun way to improve or start to learn a new language.

The small chunky recycled cardboard pieces feature a simple illustration on the front and can be flipped over to reveal the object name in six different languages on the reverse. Up to six players can play the game however the pieces are interesting and enjoyable even if playing alone.

To play the game, roll the language dice and pick a card at random from the cotton bag included. If you can correctly identify the object in the language specified on the dice you win the card. If not, don't worry you get another go later in the game.

With 100 objects in six different languages, you'll be amazed at how quickly kids (and not so quickly adults!) pick up the words and become intrigued by new languages.

Recommended for age 6+

For Creativity

Londji Activity Books

Londji Activity Books are a great starting point for sparking creativity. With four different books available; ART&dots (join the dots activities, for arty counting practice), creARTivity (Londji have started the page, a pen and fun imagination can complete it), ART&Painting (lots of gorgeous Londji illustrations ready to be coloured) and ART&stickers (Londji illustrations with sticker sheets to add pattern and colour to the pages).

Recommended for age 3+

Back to School Accessories

Mini Kyomo definitely ticks the box for stylish back to school accessories. But they don't just look great; their products are made from high-quality sustainable materials and are designed to be functional - for kids! So they are robust and easy to use too.

Learning to Tell the Time

Mini Kyomo 1987 Watches

When it comes to learning to tell the time, Mini Kyomo's eye-catching watches are great for kids; the motivation to use their new watch accompanied by a clear clock face makes the task of learning to tell the time as simple as possible.

We've also written a handy downloadable guide for Learning to Tell the Time - check it out here.

With three collections available, you're sure to find a Mini Kyomo watch to suit your child's personality. The latest collection, 1987, shown above, is selling quickly. At the time of writing we have; Cinnamon Roll, Green Smoothie and Blue Cotton Candy watches available.

See all Mini Kyomo Watches here.

For Back to School Cool

Also from the Mini Kyomo 1987 collection is this gorgeous range of backpacks and pencil cases. Available in four colour ways; Cinnamon Roll, Bubble Gum, Green Smoothie and Blue Cotton Candy.

Mini Kyomo 1987 Backpacks

The waterproof, quilted backpacks are made of recycled polyester and have
an internal divider that creates two roomy separated spaces. There are two designs, each available in two sizes; Big and Small. The Big backpack also has two internal pockets. All the backpacks close with easy magnetic snaps and have padded straps making them super comfy to wear.

Shop the Mini Kyomo backpack range here.

Back to School Accessories from Mini Kyomo

To match the backpacks are these four soft pencil cases. Like the bags they are waterproof, made of recycled polyester and easy to clean with soap and water. All that is left for you to do is fill one with some equally cool stationery.

Shop the Mini Kyomo pencil case range here.


Cover and Mini Kyomo backpack's images by @playfulmodernkids