Antipoda Co Team Tips

Lockdown Living

Finding yourself spending more time in close confinement with your family in these days of social distancing?! Us too. We asked our team and favourite brands for their top tips for adapting and enjoying this different kind of living.


"I believe that our life is the addition of small moments, so my first step to keeping some harmony at home and in my mind was to do our own schedule of activities and daily goals. My girls have done their own schedule that includes a minimum of schoolwork that needs to be achieved during the day. Everything started to fall into place when we worked out our new routine, nobody is bored and our days go past very quickly."

Business Development Manager, Antipoda Co

Antipoda Co Activity

New Activity

"Start a new activity you thought you would never like or do! You'll be surprised! I started to do yoga everyday during quarantine when I had always said: Yoga is absolutely not for me! Good time to open your mind to new perspectives."

Sales Manager, Charlie Crane Paris

Antipoda Co Positivity

Positive Focus

"Focus on the positive things by writing a daily gratitude diary - today we blew bubbles from the balcony, clapped for our carers and ate a delicious sweet potato and beetroot salad. It's simple and helps take your focus away from things that are out of your control.
We've also been making a list of things we are excited to do once the crisis is over (my kids have bigger aspirations than my wallet!)"

Graphic Designer, Hello Sarah King

Antipoda Co Whole Foods

Slow Cooking & Raw Foods

"Cooking whole foods has kept us grounded and connected. I have been able to take the time to get back to cooking from scratch and teaching my kids how to cook bread.
The best way to prepare the body for winter is eating seasonal and raw food. With the virus we are now washing all of our produce."

Business Development Manager, Antipoda Co

Antipoda Co Family


"Let your kids break some of the house rules like running inside, jumping on the couch or being loud. Having been in lockdown for almost two months now in an apartment, has made us become a lot more tolerant with our kids. On saturdays we even allow them to make some of their own rules, staying in our pj's all day is one of our favourites."

Managing Director, Antipoda Co  

Antipoda Co Play

Play Together

"Live from the moment without thinking about the future and enjoy many game moments with those we love!"

Graphic Design & Communication, Londji

Antipoda Co Family

Work Together

"Include your kids in the everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, folding clothes... Even if it's not really helpful, they'll get a kick out of trying and will love feeling part of it. At home our kids (5 and 3 yo) have their little jobs they've been doing like pairing socks, drying dishes and setting the table. Before isolation, we really never had time for this."

Brand and Marketing Manager, Antipoda Co