A day in a mum's life

What's changed since becoming a mum?

When you become a mum your whole world changes in ways you can't even imagine. We asked some of our favourite mums what different aspects of their day-to-day life look like with their babies and kids. We love their honest answers and appreciation of motherhood.

What makes your home feel like home to you?

Melissa Barrett

"Having it filled with the things that I love! Creating a warm, inviting, safe feeling when you walk in.. also telling my story… I love a home where you walk in and it instantly tells a story about the person that owns it.
Melissa Barrett Stylist

My style has definitely evolved and changed since I had children. But I have always styled it with the same goal in mind. As the years have gone by though I have started to buy pieces that mean more to me and not gone along with the trends. My style is a mix of Scandinavian/ Vintage vibes."


How has your morning routine changed since having kids?

Nina Yasvoin

"I’ve always been a morning person, (thankfully) and I definitely have one that wakes at before the sun, asking if he has slept enough and one that loves to sleep in with her dad.

Nina with Vera and Ari
Thankfully the transition into motherhood and those early wake ups haven’t been too big of an adjustment. I now just have company when watching the sunrise and two little people who give me the perfect reason to make pancakes every weekend, a tradition that started long before they were born but has become so much more special with them being apart of it🥰"


Nina and her daughter hanging out the washing

What does self-care look like now that you're a mum?

Lauren Trend

Lauren Trend"These days self care remains the simple things, whenever I can get around to them. Brushing my hair or my teeth, applying some skincare, spending those extra few minutes in the shower soaking up a rare moment to myself. But I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Becoming a mother, after everything we went through to conceive Mila has been a dream come true, so having her here, in my arms at last is an act of self care in and of itself."


Sarah Pickersgill-Brown

Sarah Pickersgill-Brown and baby Elbie

"Self care is taking a super hot shower after school drop off and Elbie goes down for his morning nap. It’s sneaking away on a Friday night for a mani/pedi at the shopping centre nail salon while they’re open till 9pm. It’s walking to the local cafe each morning with Elbie and ordering a turmeric almond latte instead of coffee so I listen to my body and catch up on sleep when I need it. And it’s making an effort at least once a week to style my hair, wear makeup and get out of active wear!"


Luka Mccabe

Luka Mccabe"It’s funny how when you become a mother, the things you used to take for granted as normal day to day life, now become areas of self-care that I soak in and enjoy - time alone, a shower by myself, getting to wash my hair, finishing a coffee while it’s still hot, going to the gym, eating a nourishing meal in peace... if you asked me what self care was prior to kids I can guarantee not one of those things would come up - it would have consisted of extravagant things like massages and day spas… not simply washing your face at the end of the night or staying up late to have some solo time before you do it all again the next day! Motherhood is busy, so busy, so for me - self care is finding those snippets in the day, that are just for me, and savouring them! If I can sneak in some exercise and a hot shower and cuppa before the kids are up, I’m a happy woman!"


What does quality time mean to you?

Fran Highfield

"Quality time with my family means us going to do something together it might be as simple as out to breakfast, to the beach or maybe a theme park or zoo. Just taking time away from every day life, chores and responsibilities to connect and enjoy each other’s company.

Fran Highfield

Quality time for myself means taking a break away from my work and Mum duties just to go and do something such as have a pedi, massage, facial or even a nap listening to meditation music uninterrupted by the chaos of life. I try to fill my own cup with little things like this here and there. Even lighting a beautiful candle and relaxing listening to my favourite music alone or reading a book is a great little way to recharge."


Krystal Boyd-Priest

Krystal and Lennox in the Levo Rocker"Quality time means to just be fully present with Lennox and enjoy all the small everyday moments like drinking my morning coffee with her in the living room watching the pugs eagerly and questioning their every move while all the birds are singing outside."


What does education mean to you?

Lisa Lee

"“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
— Nelson Mandela

As a teacher I've always been interested in education and am fully aware of the importance of it in our society. It encourages progress in all kinds of ways. This includes scientific knowledge, medical breakthroughs, technological inventions etc.

Lisa Lee and Benji

What has changed since being a mum is that I am more aware of how much children learn during early childhood. It’s a time for children to learn social and mental skills that will be crucial for their growth and success in the future. It offers a chance for self-discovery, to learn about themselves and become confident learners with a growth mindset.

Having a child made me discover the importance of play. Our days are filled with play, and I'm in absolute awe to see how Benji is learning and growing each day.

Besides play being a crucial part of development it also brings so much joy to our family. We end each day playing a boardgame together. I love this little tradition as it's such a lovely way to end the day. It doesn't matter how hectic and chaotic the day was. We all know we finish the day with some quality time together."


How has mealtime changed for you since becoming a mum?

Rebecca Nicolaidis

Sitting pretty in the Charlie Crane Tibu High Chair

"Without swearing, and in the nicest way possible, it’s like a tornado hits my house every time we eat!! Meal time is messy and busy but it’s also so nice to sit together as a family and have a meal. I will say though, I look forward to the day I don’t have to sweep, vacuum and mop after every meal 😂"


Rebecca and her kids

What does bath + bedtime look like in your home? 

Sophie Vine

Bath-time by @sophie_vine"While we try to make our bath and bedtime routine a relaxed and calm process, we do watch the clock with absolute army precision, as any shift in consistency will (and does) end in chaos. We know who’s doing what and when, right down to the minute. Dinner, bath (with half the water being splashed onto the floor), teeth, pj’s, meditation with story, then bed and asleep by 6:30pm, every single night, no matter where we are. It can certainly feel repetitive night after night but the kids (and I) find the predictability calming and comforting.

Post-bath time with Garbo&Friends by @sophie_vine
And what makes this time special, now that I’m a mother… a deep appreciation for time to myself when they’re asleep (something I certainly took for granted pre-kids), although it’s usually not long until tiny footsteps can be heard coming the hallway to wake us up."


Fredrika Akander

Fredricka Akander"I love our new bedtime routine! I used to get stuck in front of Netflix for hours but now one of us have a shower or bath with Axel whilst the other one gets PJs sorted and make up the bed. I then feed him, sing a few nursery rhymes and put him to sleep. After that I do my skincare routine and have my daily small bowl of coffee ice cream! It’s a dream!"


Mikayla Edmundson

Mikayla Edmundson with Mila and Hugo"I’ve been a mama for coming up 10 years now (that makes me feel so old) and the bedtime routine is one of my favourites - it’s the little bit of time at the end of the day where we snuggle up and chat about what we did during the day and our favourite or not so favourite parts. We talk about exciting things we having coming up in the coming days and just soak up the happy moments 🤍 there are songs and stories and of course lots of snuggles! x"


Mila & Hugo snuggled up on Garbo&Friends Blueberry Bedding